Lauren Child Q&A

Lauren Child

A big thank you to everyone who joined the Lauren Child Q&A last week! For those of you who missed it, here are some of the highlights….

Q: How many Ruby Redfort stories is there likely to be?
A: six for now

Q: Which character, other than Ruby and Hitch, is your favourite?
A: Clancy because he’s a good foil for Ruby, he’s the flapper while Ruby tends to keep it together. I enjoyed writing their banter.

Q: How do you come up with all the gadget ideas, that are realistic, but also really cool?
A: I tend to think of things I wish I had – Getaway shoes, backpack glider wings, an escape watch

Q: What’s a little-known fact about you, Lauren?!
A: I’m thinking…. I’ll get back to you if I come up with one

Q: Ever thought of making Ruby Redfort into a movie?
A: I wrote it like a movie, I see it in my head as a movie, so yes. It’s like the book of a film that hasn’t yet been made.

Q: How did you come up with Ruby Redfort? Was it while you were writing Clarice Bean or did you have the idea for her previously?
A: No, it was indeed while I was writing the first Clarice novel, i wanted CB to be passionate about a series of books which her teacher considers rubbish,
people can be very snobby about books and what is worth reading and what isn’t and I wanted Clarice to prove her teacher wrong about the Ruby Redfort series.

Q: Will Hitch ever be part of the Redfort family (like Mrs Digby)?
A: He sort of is already, he just doesn’t quite know it.

Q: Will Hitch’s backstory be revealed?
A: I haven’t decided… though there is one thing that will come to light

Q: Will there ever be a Ruby movie? It would be awesome!!!!! You know if your looking for someone to play Ruby…
A: Can you do a good american accent?

Q: If Ruby was real, or you were fictional, do you think you two would get along?
A: I think there is every chance. We share an interest in TV programmes, ping-pong and treetop sitting

Q: Will Ruby ever consider Hitch family?
A: I think she does

Q: What inspired you to become an author?
A: I wanted to come up with an idea for film or animation and I started drawing characters and writing pieces about them from the view point of a seven year old girl. She was Clarice Bean and the idea became a book, Clarice Bean That’s Me – it sort of turned me into a writer.

Q: What is your favourite place in the world and why?
A: My friend’s house in Wiltshire, She lives on a farm in the middle of the downs, I have known her since I was seven and I have always loved going there. It is beautiful no matter the weather and there’s more time for some reason, more time and less worries.

Q: Are you planning any more Clarice Bean books and what is your next project for younger kids?
A: Yes, I hope to write another Clarice book, I miss her. My next picture book is a new Charlie and Lola, I haven’t written one for years and I am enjoying illustrating this one very much.

Q: Why is Buzz called buzz???
A: Wait and see

Q: What made you want to write another Ruby Redfort book and where do you get all your ideas from?
A: I decided several years ago that I would write 6 books. Ideas come from all over the place, things people tell me, things I hear on the radio, on TV, read in books, things that pop into my head. Feel the Fear revolves around something I heard about many years ago when I was listening to a documentary on the radio about something the ministry of defense are developing – it sounded utterly fictional and impossible to imagine but it is real.

Q: When you started writing the Ruby Redfort books, did you think you would write the books that are mentioned in Clarice Bean like Rush to Russia Ruby, or did you know you would do different stories altogether?
A: Originally I did think I would recreate the books Clarice mentions but when I began to write I realised that they would not cut it – they would have been too silly, and I could have got bored writing them, and no doubt you would have got bored reading them. I knew almost immediately that the Ruby stories would have to be challenging and complicated or they just would hold anyone’s’ attention.

Q: Did someone inspire you into creating Ruby? Or is she total imagination?
A: She comes from my love of American TV and film, particularly the shows dating back to the 70s and 80s. I loved cop shows and thrillers, crime and action.
Films with in depth characters, believable and funny even if the situation they were in was very far fetched.