Lauren Child: I picture every scene of Ruby Redfort in my head as I write

Is your Wednesday a total yawn? Then read this Guardian article, where Lauren Child talks about writing her Ruby Redfort series!

Here are a few highlights:

The Ruby Redfort series is your first series for older children rather than picture led books. But when you write the Ruby Redfort books do you picture each scene in your head ( or even draw it) before you write it?

Ruby came from the Clarice Bean series, and Clarice Bean started as a picture book and then became novels. To begin with I always did sketch out the characters in Clarice Bean, but with Ruby it’s a little different, but I do picture every scene in my head as I write and I find that I can’t write when I can’t see it.

Did you deliberately set out to write a character who would show girls that it is good to be clever, brave and love maths and adventures rather than just dreaming about boy bands?

Yes, in a way I did because she was originally written as Clarice Bean’s hero and I very much wanted to write about a character like that, who would inspire Clarice.